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In the peninsula of Sithonia and specifically in beautiful Vourvourou you'll be able to enjoy the experience of sea kayaking. The region offers a unique combination of sea and lake characteristics, a mountain covered with thick forests and 9 unique islands visible from the beach which makes it an ideal destination for holidays. Made daily trips by sea kayak accompanied by experienced guides from early May until late October. The daily trips provide a perfect opportunity to paddle in the crystal clear waters around the island Diaporos, the largest of the nine islands which is located across the bay where you can swim and snorkel on some of the most beautiful and remote beaches of Halkidiki, like Krifto, Mirsini and Galazia Nera. 

An amazing horseback riding stroll in nature, sure to bedazzle you! Wear your protective helmet, ride on your horse and enjoy an unequaled sense of freedom! Follow your trainer’s instructions and you will be taken for a short stroll inside the ranch in order to become better acquainted with your horse and find the right posture for riding. The magic of the green nature waits for you as your horse trots along breathtaking landscapes! A unique experience that you will always treasure!

Mountain bike on beautiful forest routes, passing through plains, by the lake and by and… in the river. Allow 1:30 to 2 hours for biking, depending on the route you will follow. Available are routes of varying difficulty, depending on the distance and the altitude differences. But regardless of which one you choose, the landscapes greeting you and your fellow bikers will be breathtaking and unique! 

A superb 2-hour windsurfing experience for 1. Acquaint yourselves with the exiting world of windsurfing in an ideal setting! This unique sport will bring you in contact with the elements of nature and constitutes an excellent exercise for the body and mind alike! Follow your experienced trainer’s instructions and, after undergoing a brief simulation on land, to save you from many uncalled-for dives, enjoy your first sail on your board in the sea! The sea of Halkidiki awaits you! Have a nice time!  

The first form of water ski was aquaplaning, where the athlete ‘slides’ on the water, using a board, the aquaplane, tied behind a ‘speedboat’. Such activities were reported in the area of Volos in Greece as early as 1945-46 using Coastguard boats. 


Man’s desire to explore the underwater world is as old as man himself. In Greece, a country whose coastline extends over 16.000km, daily life is directly related to the sea. Enclosed and ancient, the Mediterranean Sea with its steep rocky coasts, the great depths and crystal clear waters, hides inside a magical world, unknown to most! Entry to the wonderful world of aquatic life evokes respect and solidarity to the unique world of the Mediterranean Sea and inspires the young and old to become sensitized and mobilized with regard to issues relating to the healthy future of the aquatic environment.