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Excursions – Trails

In this beautiful land, the sea seems to be tenderly embracing the land, the green seems to be melting in the blue, while the old assorts the new and man converses with the divine. Mornings are fresh and cool, while sunsets are painted in shades of gold and violet, twilights are idyllic and nightfall is illuminated by thousands of stars. The roads open before you shall take you to unique places where you will surely forget your everyday troubles and relax, before you return to the routine of everyday living. There are no bustling cities here, just modern resorts vibrant with life in the summer, picturesque villages and hamlets. The prefecture’s largest settlement and its capital, Polygyros, has a population of just 6.000. All across this area you will see multi-storey modern hotels, large hotel complexes, many rooms-to-let and apartments, as well as camping sites, the result of the rapid development for tourism in Halkidiki after 1960. In order for you to become better acquainted with Halkidiki we suggest that you follow the proposed five routes.

  • For the first route you must follow the road connecting Thessaloniki and Nea Moudania. Taking small diversions you shall visit Nea Kallikrateia, the Cave at Petralona, while you shall complete this tour by making a first acquaintance with the beauty that is the peninsula of Cassandra.
  • The second route shall take you along the main road to Sithonia. You will make two diversions, one to visit Agios Mamas and another one to visit Nea Olynthos and the archaeological site of ancient Olynthos. You will also pass through Gerakini, visit Nikiti and from there enter Sithonia while your trip will culminate in Agios Nikolaos and Pyrgadikia.
  • The third route shall take you to Halkidiki’s inland. Follow the road connecting Thessaloniki and Polygyros. Marvel at the Monument of Captain Chapsas and visit the monastery of Agia Anastasia (just off the main road). Galatista is your next stop and from there it is worth to take the road up to Vavdos. Backtrack and stop for lunch at the famous restaurants in Agios Prodromos where you can taste the local specialty, skewered meat. Polygyros awaits just round the corner. From there you may continue to visit Taxiarchis and take the wonderful turnpike road through the forest of Mt. Cholomon until you reach Arnaia. Continue on the same road for Stageira and Stratoni, located on the coast of the bay of Ierissos. The road continues to Ierissos and ends in Ouranoupolis.
  • For this, the fourth route, you will begin your trip on the northeastern borders of the peninsula of Halkidiki. You will visit Olympiada, Ancient Stageira, Ierissos, Ancient Akanthus and from there Nea Roda and Ouranoupolis, the last settlement before Athos.
  • Your journey will culminate in the fifth and final route, which is dedicated to the “Garden of the Virgin”, the holy mountain of Orthodox Christians, Holy Mount of Athos.
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