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Castle Neposi, Protected by God

The Castle is located in the area of Neposi and was built in the 5th century AD in a location which was inhabited since at least the 2nd century BC. The findings of the survey of the surface of the castle are the following: At the top of a fortified hill, by nature and location inexpugnable, stands a castle, “the Small Castle”, as it is known to the people from Paleochora, which is the largest in Halkidiki. The only connection between this hill and the mountain is a narrow precipitous trail. It surrounded on three sides by water, the “sink of Paleochora”, the principal bayou of River Havrias, echoing plangent at the bottom of a 30-40 meter ravine and is enclosed by an especially beautiful landscape with wild vegetation. The castle occupies an area of 15 stremma (on level) and is encircled by a wall, roughly 800-1000 meters long and 4-5 meters high. There appear to be three building stages to the wall, distinguishable by their height and telling of the times the wall was rebuild after being run over.

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