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Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



Have you ever wondered how a small, traditional settlement “buried in green” can become an alternative holiday paradise? Have you even wondered how would it feel were you to spend your vacations in a place where you can hear the crickets at night in a paved square vibrant with life? Kassandrino offers this opportunity. A small, magical place where you can experience the real beauty of traditional vacations and enjoy the hospitality of the locals, who will offer fresh eggs and fruit for your breakfast, with a wide smile and who will make you feel at home from the fist moment of your arrival…

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



If you seek a destination in the “heart” of the most cosmopolitan and tourist peninsula in Halkidiki, then your footsteps shall lead you to Kassandria and its seaport, no other than the settlement of Siviri. Kassandria is surrounded by pine trees, has 5,000 citizens and offers the full spectrum of Civil Services, while its Folklore Museum and infrastructure cater for family holidays and the vibrant with life settlement of Siviri gives us to opportunity to enjoy one the crystal sea, marvel at the unique sunset and taste local fish prepared with the fishermen’s own secret recipe! Tourist accommodation next to the breaking of the wave or within pine-filled slopes shall offer you ideal days of relaxation and nights filled with fun. Furthermore, the Festival of Kassandra, running for 18 years now, offers visitors the chance to enjoy many performances and concerts by international and local artists, unforgettable nights which you will treasure for a lifetime!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00


Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



An area embraced by a pine forest with traditional listed mansions, small chapels and a deep blue sea, Fourka has the opportunity to “stop” time and lend you the sense of a “perpetual, endless journey”. Fourka and Paralia Fourkas (Coastal Fourka) are amongst the best known tourist destinations in Kassandra. An upcoming force in tourism, which managed to fast become established as one of the best known and most popular destinations. Be it family or vacating with friends or alone, Fourka is the center for tourism in West Kassandra.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



Athitos needs no special introduction. It is renowned for its paved alley-ways, its stone build mansions, for Aletras’ Folklore Museum, the enchanting evening with music under the moonlight and for standing on a wonderful natural balcony over Torone’s Gulf. It is also known for sculptor Vasilis Pavlis’ beautiful works adorning the settlement, for a vision that was realized and turned a small village in Kassandra to the small state of poets, visual artists and singers. Athitos will bewitch you, in the day or at night. Just a visit will be enough for you to fall in love with it for ever!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Agia Paraskevi


The traditional color of Agia Paraskevi will surely enchant the visitor as the stone-built houses, swarming on the mountain lend a traditional undertone to your summer holidays! Agia Paraskevi is renowned for its honey and its Spa and is one of the “hidden” treasures in Halkidiki! If you seek quite vacations with relaxation and well-being at the spa, then choosing Agia Paraskevi is the only option. In the Spa of Pallini you will enjoy total care and savior a unique experience.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



Stratoni is an alternative destination. Its Mines have been in operation since the era of Alexander the Great and have kept the area alive ever since, giving it energy and potential. A visit to Stratoni shall help you to come to total contact with the energy of metals and the power of rocks! Of course, not all of this is immediately apparent but leave this sense to the visitors who may be ignorant of the existence of the Mines. The crystal clear sea and an organized beach which has been awarded a Blue Flag, the hospitable people are just a few of Stratoni’s distinctive features. Let your senses guide you to new sensations and fall in love with the area. Ask the miners of Stratoni give you one of the beautiful ores and rare rocks as a gift to treasure your holidays and remember that your rendezvous with Stratoni is open every summer. Stratoni may be reached by car from Ierissos, Arnea and Olympiada while you may moor your boat at the port of the area and also take part in the happenings organized by the local Nautical Club.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



The visit to the Homeland of Ecumenical Philosopher Aristotle is the experience of a lifetime! As one reaches Stagira and Stratoniki they realize that they walk on the land of the Great Philosopher and is overtaken by that rare shiver caused by a unique reverence. The Thematic Park, dominated by Aristotle’s Statue, is a tourist attraction that must not be ignored. Visit it and learn, using the Instruments for the application of Aristotelian Theories, all that was professed by Aristotle in his Physics and you shall leave wiser, and… for sure, a walking advertisement for the site! In the few traditional coffee shops of the area you may try well-cooked meat and local wine, thus pleasing all of your senses.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



If until now you believed that a beautiful island cannot be part of a… mountain, then you must renounce what you held to be true! It might seem simple unbelievable, but Pyrgadikia, build completely amphitheatrically over the sea is one of the most beautiful spots in Halkidiki! Their look is totally insular and will make you forget all that you have known until now! Wander round the narrow streets of Pyrgadikia and enjoy the romantic sunset; see the wonderful beaches of the area and relax feasting on fresh fish at the taverns next to the fishing harbor. Delight at your romantic walks by the sea and make Pyrgadikia a reference point for your summer leave!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



In the “shadow” of the famous Byzantine Tower develops a special relationship with an area, a relationship resting principally in its “aura” and the excellent hospitality extended by the residents. Fresh seafood served next to the wave and small tourist gift shops lend to Ouranoupolis that very special beauty, sought after by its visitors. Should you wish to visit Holy Mount Athos there are several scheduled daily departures by boat. Your vacations at the “Gateway” to Holy Mount Athos shall be unforgettable!

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