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Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00



Polygyros’ seaport, Gerakini, has been praised by poet Kavvadias, who visited it in a barque, and awaits you, principally for family vacations. An organized market, a long stretch of beach and the “port of Gerakini”, about which many have sung, where ships “repose” will lend a special character to your holidays.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Akti Salonikiou

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Agios Nikolaos


If you seek a traditional settlement, not by the sea but only at a stone’s throw away from the paradise that is Vourvourou in Sithonia, then Agios Nikolaos is your ideal destination. Its beautiful square – a meeting place for locals and visitors of all ages, its picturesque narrow streets, where you can take pictures of bougainvilleas, the crystal clear sea at Ormos Panagias are just few of the beauties on offer in Agios Nikolaos. Furthermore, only 5 km. away we find Vourvourou, offering some of the most majestic sights in Europe: verdurous islets in the deep-blue sea, small fjords easily reached by car, sandy beaches in the “shadow” of Mt. Dragoudeli will change our attitude and lead you to the conclusion that it does not matter how many years one is visiting the area, there is always more to see!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00


A popular destination, especially for the people of Thessaloniki, many of whom have their summer houses here. Vergia is the prime choice of picnickers for its clean sea, its proximity to Thessaloniki and its capacity to offer visitors a carefree holiday.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00


For family vacations next to the breaking of the waves, choose Sozopolis. A family oriented settlement for holidays throughout the summer, offering crystal clear sea and well attended surroundings. An area providing all that you may desire for relaxed, family vacations and at a close distance from Thessaloniki.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Nea Moudania


The most rapidly developing tourist and commercial city in Halkidiki, at a distance of only 48 km. away from Thessaloniki is ready to welcome its visitors and offer them the joy of a holiday in an environment offering all modern comforts. The long stretches of beaches in N. Moudania, the crystal clear sea and the many beach bars in the area can entertain the visitors all night long and offer them the chance to swim under the moonlight. While during the night N. Moudania “travel” the visitor like a well illuminated ship, in the morning the area transforms to a modern urban center. There are eight bank branches, a large and up-to-date market and Civil Services, while the many coffee shops lend to the city liveliness and spirit! The people of Moudania are skillful merchants and have succeeded in turning their city to the commercial and economic center of Halkidiki in just a few decades, while, at the same time, the area did not forfeit its refugee distinctive features. Amongst the sites and sights worth visiting in the city one could cite the Museum of Fishing Boats and Equipment; the Refugee House – Museum of Artifacts from Old Moudania in Asia Minor; the Conservatory; the Municipal Theater, an open-air theatre where the “Festival of the Sea” is held every summer; the “Sardine Festival”, also held every summer, the Tourist Port, from where daily cruises depart for the island complex of North Sporades throughout the summer, the well-attended to seafront are all sought after by the guests choosing to vacate in a city filled with splendid bars and offering excellent tourist accommodation. Visitors to Nea Moudania may spend a carefree afternoon at the Beach of Dionysus, the Beach of Portaria and in N. Flogita. The shallow and warm sea, the clean beaches, the nice summer establishments and the renowned hospitality of the residents shall truly enchant you!

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Nea Kallikrateia


Nea Kallikrateia is the prime choice for the visitors seeking a destination which has made great strides, offers multiple, excellent infrastructures, enjoys a clean sea and is, indeed, only a stone’s throw away from Thessaloniki. Only 30 km. away from the second largest city in Greece render Kallikrateia essentially a well developed suburb of Thessaloniki and attractive for those who wish to stay in a rurban area that may simultaneously provide that magical holiday spirit. Fresh seafood, local wine, a Asian Minor culinary and hospitality culture, many options for entertainment, modern tourist accommodation offering proper hospitality at affordable prices. Easy to reach from Thessaloniki in just 15 minutes, while one can also belay his boat at the modern floating harbor. Visitors to Kallikrateia can take day trips to Agios Pavlos, and taste the exquisite wine produced in the area; to Nea Iraklia, and dine in one of the many prime fist taverns or go fishing, to Lakkoma and taste the renowned cuisine of Pontus, to Nea Silata and experience the Greek rural life, to Nea Gonia to see a developing settlement and to Sozopolis and relax on the beach.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

Nea Irakleia

One of the beautiful coastal settlements in eastern Halkidiki, where the fresh fish and carefree times by the sea will make your holidays truly special.

Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

N. Plagia


Τα Νέα Πλάγια Χαλκιδικής θεωρούνται από τα πλέον τουριστικά θέρετρα με πληθώρα ξενοδοχείων, ενοικιαζόμενων δωματίων, στούντιο, διαμερισμάτων και άλλων επιλογών διαμονής. Οι σημερινοί κάτοικοι των Ν. Πλαγίων είναι πρόσφυγες, προερχόμενοι από τα Πλάγια την Ανατολικής Θράκης, ήρθαν και εγκαταστάθηκαν στον τόπο το 1922, μετά την καταστροφή της Μικράς Ασίας. Κύρια ασχολία των κατοίκων είναι η γεωργία και τα τουριστικά επαγγέλματα. Παράγονται κυρίως κηπευτικά.

Στα ιστορικά αξιοθέατα του οικισμού συμπεριλαμβάνεται το δίτοξο γεφύρι του 18ου αιώνα, που βρίσκεται στο ρέμα του οικισμού με την Νέα Τένεδο. Το γεφύρι πιστεύεται ότι κατασκευάσθηκε από μοναχούς των Μετοχίων Βατοπεδίου (που βρισκόταν στην περιοχή της Νέας Τρίγλιας) και του Ρώσικου Μετοχίου (που βρισκόταν στην περιοχή των Νέων Φλογητών) καθώς και της Μονής Ζωγράφου που βρισκόταν στην περιοχή του ομώνυμου οικισμού Ζωγράφου. Πολιούχος είναι ο Άγιος Γεώργιος και ο Ναός στην Μνήμη Του, βρίσκεται στην πλατεία του χωριού. Σε απόσταση 2 χιλιομέτρων από τον οικισμό προς βορρά, πλησίον  του κύριου δρόμο που ενώνει τον οικισμό με την Νέα Τένεδο, σε έναν μικρό λόφο είναι κτισμένη μικρή εκκλησία της Ζωοδόχου Πηγής, πάνω στα ερείπια του "Μετοχίου Καραμανίου".

Χαρείτε τη διαμονή σας στα Νέα Πλάγια και συνδυάστε τη χαλάρωση με ένα θαυμάσιο περιβάλλον στην αμμώδη παραλία τους. Μια παραλία γεμάτη ζωή και διασκέδαση αλλά και ήσυχες επιλογές για οικογένειες με παιδιά. Τα Νέα Πλάγια διαθέτουν εστιατόρια, καφέ, μπαρ, Λούνα Παρκ και δραστηριότητες θαλάσσης για τη διασκέδασή σας και για φαγητό δίπλα στη θάλασσα. Απολαύστε την πεζοπορία σας στον παραλιακό δρόμο της παραλίας, δίπλα σε φοίνικες και στο απέραντο γαλάζιο της θάλασσας.



Sunday, 28 December 2014 02:00

N. Flogita

Nea Flogita was established in 1923 by refugees from Kappadokia of Asia Minor and has a population of about 1.200. The town is built on a hill, just a few meters from the sea. It is situated 52 kms from Thessaloniki and 12 kms from Nea Moudania, Halkidiki’s commercial center. Hotels and a multitude of apartments and rooms to rent are on offer for the comfortable stay of those wishing to spend their holidays in Nea Flogita. Next to the beach there are colorful footpaths for your walks as well as taverns, cafes and bars, that will satify all tastes when it comes to entertainment. The local stores offer a large variety of traditional and contemporary items. During the summer season there is regular public transport to Thessaloniki and the rest of Halkidiki. The areas archealogical sites are situated close by and excursions are organized daily. The locals are warm hearted and always greet you in their own special way. Whoever spends their holidays in Nea Flogita will surely want to visit the area again.

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