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On the foothills of mountain Itamos, on the southern end of the peninsula of Sithonia, at a distance of 56 km. away from Nikiti, we find Sykia, “embraced” by granite rocks, with 3000 residents and many guests. Its mysterious, “untamed” beauty, its virgin sea and beaches, the intense scent of tradition emanated by the settlement and human activity and the well-prepared dishes served in the taverns of the area will not leave you untouched. A visit to Sykia will freeze time and offer you the possibility of known Halkidiki’s hidden treasure, walking on the forest, discovering the legendary castle, seeing the renowned church of Agios Athanasios and gazing upon Mt. Athos.

Business NameTitleAreaMobileEmailWeb SitePhoneLicenseCategoryType
ALEXIOU ELENI   SYKIA       2375041321 0938Κ112Κ0733300 Rooms
ARSENIADOU TZIL VILLA SYKIA SYKIA       2375041717,41919 0938Κ113Κ0233201 Rooms
VAFEIDOU MARIA   SYKIA 6947897821     2375041519 0938Κ123Κ0677501 Apartments
VOGIATZIS DIMITRIOS   SYKIA       2375041379 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.00230.10.00 Rooms
DIDAKIS IΟANNIS   SYKIA       2375041053 0938Κ111Κ0022400 Rooms
ZISIOS ALEXANDROS   SYKIA       2375094521 0938Κ123Κ0601101 Apartments
KLIMATSIDAS IΟANNIS   SYKIA       2375041195 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.00235.10.00 Rooms
KONTOGIANNI SΟSANNA   SYKIA       2375051280 0938Κ10000611000   Furnished Home
MELISSIS VASILEIOS   SYKIA       2375041654 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.00357.10.00 Rooms
MITSKOS ANASTASIOS "NEFELI" SYKIA 6974736157,6974736155 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.hotelnefeli.net 2375041916 0938Κ122Κ0238300 Apartments
BAKIRA MARIA   SYKIA       2375041844 0938Κ113Κ0745001 Rooms
BOTOS GEΟRGIOS   SYKIA       2375041869 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.00346.10.00 Rooms
NIKOLAΪDIS KΟN/NOS   SYKIA       2375071233 0938Κ112Κ0679500 Rooms
NIKOLOU EVΤΗYMIA   SYKIA       2375041018 0938Κ111Κ0198800 Rooms
PAPANIKOLAOU GEΟRGIOS   SYKIA       2375051342 0938Κ123Κ0247400 Apartments
PASTOGIANNIS IΟANNIS   SYKIA       2375041522 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.07615.10.00 Rooms
POLITI MAGDALINI   SYKIA       2375041785 09.38.Κ.11.2Κ.00338.10.00 Rooms
ROKANOUDA MARIA   SYKIA       2375041304 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.07357.10.00 Rooms
TSIMOGLOU MARIA   SYKIA       2375041668 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.02982.10.00 Rooms
FALKOU ANNA   SYKIA       2375041197 0938Κ111Κ0240300 Rooms
CHATZARA CHRYSAFΟ   SYKIA       2375041409 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.00354.10.00 Rooms
KLIMATSIDA MARIA   SYKIA-PARALIA LINARAKI 6972506086     2375041655 0938Κ112Κ0235700 Rooms
MASTORARGYRI GEΟRGIA   SYKIA-PARALIA PIGADAKI       2375041652 09.38.Κ.11.1Κ.00228.10.00 Rooms

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