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Porto Koufo


Porto Koufo: this is the largest and safest heaven in Greece. Cited by Thucydides <Κωφός λιμήν>- its dimensions are: max. Length 1,600m., max. breadth 550 m., depth 8-23 μ., entrance opening 300m., entrance depth 5,5-33 m. On its steep and rocky coastline open caves, one of which, on the SE side of the entrance may be visited by boat. Another interesting cave is located again on the SE side of the port, at the peak of an incision from the old quarry. Visiting the cave today is almost impossible due to the incision. This cave served as worshiping grounds in the Roman era. Later, to purify the site, Christians painted distinctive red crosses on the roof of the cave. In Porto Koufo the visitors will be surely be bewitched by the sheer “wild” beauty of the landscape. They will forget for a moment that they are on vacation and shall imagine themselves as “leaders” of exploration expeditions!! Of course, fresh fish and local specialties await the leaders at the local, pleasant taverns while the view of the rocks will “steal your breath”. Porto Koufo is without a doubt the most unexplored and underdeveloped area in Halkidiki and all that remains is for you to take the brave decision to… explore it!

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