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Whilst on Thessaloniki-Kavala National Road make a right and visit beautiful Olympiada! Your gaze will be “lost” in this picturesque, amphitheatrically build settlement, while Ancient Stagira are only 2 kilometers away! An internationally renowned archaeological site, it was here that the great philosopher Aristotle taught. The beautiful beaches of Olympiada and the fresh mussels produced in the area, which are also a local specialty, shall delight you, while the place offers itself for family holidays.

Business NameTitleAreaMobileEmailWeb SitePhoneLicenseCategoryType
ANASTASIADI EVANGELI "Natasa" OLYBIADA       2376051280 0938Κ112Κ0593400 Rooms
ANASTASIADIS ANTΟNIOS   OLYBIADA       2376051206 0938Κ111Κ0593700 Rooms
ANASTASIADOU ZAFEIRIA   OLYBIADA       2376051278 0938Κ112Κ0594100 Rooms
ANTΟNIADOU - FARMAKI AΤΗINA   OLYBIADA       2376051194 0938Κ112Κ0595300 Rooms
GKODOSI - GΟGA KΟN/NA   OLYBIADA       2376051088 0938Κ112Κ0596900 Rooms
ILIA MARIKA   OLYBIADA       2376051201 0938Κ112Κ0595700 Rooms
IΟANNIDIS SΟTIRIOS   OLYBIADA       2376051211 0938Κ111Κ0597100 Rooms
KALFAKI ANNA   OLYBIADA       2376051380 0938Κ112Κ0598700 Rooms
KALFAKIS ΤΗEOFANIS   OLYBIADA       2376051252 0938Κ112Κ0599100 Rooms
KABOURI IΟANNA   OLYBIADA       2376051203 09.38.Κ.12.2Κ.04468.31.00 Apartments
KANANI OLGA Αξέχαστες Βραδιές OLYBIADA 6974073544 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.axehastesvradies.gr 2376051594 0938Κ133Κ0615800 Apartments and Rooms
KANELI EVANGELIA   OLYBIADA       2376051349 0938Κ112Κ0596000 Rooms
KANELLIS CHRISTOS   OLYBIADA       2376051455,2310943288 0938Κ123Κ0599300 Apartments
KARAMICHALIS SIMOS   OLYBIADA       2310739507 0938Κ122Κ0172700 Apartments
LABOGLOU KYRIAKI   OLYBIADA       2376051315 0938Κ112Κ0613300 Rooms
MAGOUNAKIS CHRISTOS   OLYBIADA       2376051247 0938Κ111Κ0601000 Rooms
MARNASIDIS GEΟRGIOS "ΕΛΕΝΑ" OLYBIADA 6937597692     6937597692 0938Κ123Κ0614900 Apartments
BARBOGLOU KYRIAKI   OLYBIADA       2376051370 0938Κ111Κ0600400 Rooms
NTIZINGK- KARAKΟSTA MARIA   OLYBIADA       2376051289 0938Κ113Κ0600200 Rooms
PAPAOIKONOMOU STERGIANI   OLYBIADA       2376051409 0938Κ122Κ0613600 Apartments
PETRAKI GLYKERIA   OLYBIADA       2376051147 0938Κ112Κ0744700 Rooms
STERGIAROUDI CHRYSI   OLYBIADA       2376051324 0938Κ133Κ0614300 Apartments and Rooms
SΟPIADIS GEΟRGIOS   OLYBIADA       2310604909 0938Κ123Κ0614000 Apartments
TSABOURIDIS VASILEIOS   OLYBIADA       2376051205 0938Κ111Κ0614600 Rooms
TSABOURIDOU-SAMARA ZΟI   OLYBIADA       2376051811 0938Κ133Κ0615200 Apartments and Rooms
FARMAKI MARIA   OLYBIADA       2376051225 0938Κ112Κ0614800 Rooms
PSΟMA ALEXANDRA   OLYBIADA       2376051250 0938Κ112Κ0615500 Rooms

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