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The “grand dame” of North Halkidiki, Arnea, formerly Liarigovi, is the most beautiful traditional settlement in N. Halkidiki. Restored houses and traditional mansions – refurbished and ready to accommodate you; stone paved streets for walks to remember, the Folklore Museum, the Historic Metropolitan Church of St. Stephan (Agios Stefanos), traditional cafes and restaurants hidden beneath the trees in the grove of Agia Paraskevi will bring you closer to nature on a trip down memory lane, in a setting of fairy tale beauty. Pure honey, traditional spoon sweets, locally made embroidery and textiles, made by local weavers on looms, chestnuts and brushwood are just some of the produce of the area. Life in Arnea is relaxed and its visitors “gain years” when they relax sipping their Greek coffee with a spoon sweet next to the gargling water and in the shade of the great plane tree at the historic Square. Ideally you may want to visit Arnea in the winter, when snow falls and covers the city like white linen, on July 26, when the holy festival of Agia Paraskevi (St. Paraskevi) paints the area with celebratory colors and during the Good Week – especially on Good Friday.

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