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Stratoni is an alternative destination. Its Mines have been in operation since the era of Alexander the Great and have kept the area alive ever since, giving it energy and potential. A visit to Stratoni shall help you to come to total contact with the energy of metals and the power of rocks! Of course, not all of this is immediately apparent but leave this sense to the visitors who may be ignorant of the existence of the Mines. The crystal clear sea and an organized beach which has been awarded a Blue Flag, the hospitable people are just a few of Stratoni’s distinctive features. Let your senses guide you to new sensations and fall in love with the area. Ask the miners of Stratoni give you one of the beautiful ores and rare rocks as a gift to treasure your holidays and remember that your rendezvous with Stratoni is open every summer. Stratoni may be reached by car from Ierissos, Arnea and Olympiada while you may moor your boat at the port of the area and also take part in the happenings organized by the local Nautical Club.