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The most rapidly developing tourist and commercial city in Halkidiki, at a distance of only 48 km. away from Thessaloniki is ready to welcome its visitors and offer them the joy of a holiday in an environment offering all modern comforts. The long stretches of beaches in N. Moudania, the crystal clear sea and the many beach bars in the area can entertain the visitors all night long and offer them the chance to swim under the moonlight. While during the night N. Moudania “travel” the visitor like a well illuminated ship, in the morning the area transforms to a modern urban center. There are eight bank branches, a large and up-to-date market and Civil Services, while the many coffee shops lend to the city liveliness and spirit! The people of Moudania are skillful merchants and have succeeded in turning their city to the commercial and economic center of Halkidiki in just a few decades, while, at the same time, the area did not forfeit its refugee distinctive features. Amongst the sites and sights worth visiting in the city one could cite the Museum of Fishing Boats and Equipment; the Refugee House – Museum of Artifacts from Old Moudania in Asia Minor; the Conservatory; the Municipal Theater, an open-air theatre where the “Festival of the Sea” is held every summer; the “Sardine Festival”, also held every summer, the Tourist Port, from where daily cruises depart for the island complex of North Sporades throughout the summer, the well-attended to seafront are all sought after by the guests choosing to vacate in a city filled with splendid bars and offering excellent tourist accommodation. Visitors to Nea Moudania may spend a carefree afternoon at the Beach of Dionysus, the Beach of Portaria and in N. Flogita. The shallow and warm sea, the clean beaches, the nice summer establishments and the renowned hospitality of the residents shall truly enchant you!