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16th ROUTE 

The route commences in Polygyros and circles the hills around this hamlet, passing through a splendid natural landscape and offering a breathtaking view (2 ½ hours, altitude 942m.) 

17th ROUTE 

We begin our excursion in the mountainous village of Taxiarchis, amidst the firs, chestnuts and beeches. This route shall take us to village Vrastama and it is an ideal trekking trail throughout the year. (altitude 600m.). 

18th ROUTE   

One of the most difficult trails, it begins at the village Vrastama and passes the natural cave of Agios Efthymios, which used to be a hermitage but has been converted to a chapel, to end up back in village Vrastama. (altitude 540m.) 

19th ROUTE   

This route begins in village Palaiochora and you will walk in the verdurous Mt. Cholomon. The trail ends 4km. before we reach Taxiarchis. (altitude 960m.) 

20th ROUTE   

This last route begins in Olympiada and leads us to ancient Stageira, the land of Aristotle. The landscape as you tread the verdant trails is simply amazing. 


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